Join us for an evening of laughter, joy, and family celebration, as we present William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. 

Comedy of Errors features several double-cast roles.

The GOLD CAST will perform Friday nights, featuring:

Katherine Nguyen, Mayumi Evangelista, Dylan Chiu, Daniel Welling, Carly Tranbarger, and

Sylvie Snow.

The PURPLE CAST will perform Saturday nights, featuring:

Elise Von Bargen, Riley Maxfield, William Henry, Torben Lake, Paris Nichols, Kieera Lake.

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Per State-Mandate and the health of all students and families, MASKS ARE REQUIRED for all attendees, and an empty seat must be left between households. 

We will gratefully accept any donations you might be able to make to our program. During the Covid shutdown, we weren’t able to raise money through ticket sales or fundraisers as we normally would. Any amount you might be able to give is much appreciated to help us continue to serve our students and their community.