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Itinerary for the State Thespian Festiva1

Useful Info on State

Stuff to Bring

Itinerary for the State Thespian Festival, March 14-16, 2019

Ellensburg, WA

For a more detailed schedule of Festival Sessions and Events, download and use the  Guidebook app and the “Washington State Thespian Festival 2019” schedule

MARCH 14th (those going up early)  Times
Leave HHS
Arrive Ellensburg/Eat dinner
Check in CWU @SURC-Student Union
Auditions for Showcase
Go to Hotel
2:30 pm (private vehicles)
5:00 pm
6:00-6:15 pm
6:30-9:00 pm
at end of auditions
MARCH 15th  
Arrive at HHS/Load busses
Leave HHS
Arrive at CWU
Festival begins (HHS is the blue track)
Julius Caesar in McConnell Hall
WIP- Into The Woods in McConnell Hall Auditorium
Blue Track Dinner – off campus
Night time activities-movie/photo booth, etc.
7:00 am
7:15 am
9:45 am
10:20 am
12:40 pm
3:20 pm
6:20 pm
9:30-11 pm
March 16th  
Leave hotel
Festival starts
Blue Track Closing Ceremonies McConnell Hall
Festival ends, Load Bus
Arrive back at HHS
9:30 am
10:00 am
3:20 pm
4:30-5 pm
7-7:30 pm

Useful Info on State!  March (14), 15, 16

Ways to Plays and some Random Tidbits

There are so many wonderful ways to spend your time at State.  Here are a couple of bits of advise to make the most out of your time.

  • If a workshop appears to be full have a back-up plan. Performances and SURC 215ABCD workshops usually have lots of space
  • Food service in the SURC during lunch will be crowded. Be prepared for long lines and have small bills handy.
  • There are opportunities to purchase fun merchandise include Broadway Cares silent auction items and WIAA State Festival T-shirts and sweatshirts so bring some extra cash.
  • Don’t forget to bring all your extra coins and cash to participate in the annual Duck-Buddy challenge and Minute to Give Coin Wars to send our student leaders to Nationals

Last but not least, State can seem overwhelming to first time attendees.  Don’t forget to visit the Washington State Thespian Website >Thespian 101 which describes all the activities of State and can answer many of your questions.



  • Michael Mahaney: Acting and Singing at the Same Time, Martial Arts for Actors
  • Jason Mayfield: Your [Naked] Body as a Costume, I’m Funny on Paper: Comedy and Sketch Writing, Swing Dance
  • Erin Carr: Viewpoints
  • Lauren Carr: Devising, Creating Sensory Friendly Performances, Audition Prep: Mastering the slate, transitions and thank you
  • Mamma YeYe: African Hip Hop Style Dance, African Dance for Beginners, African Dance Carnival!
  • Jim Palmarini: Advocacy
  • Sharon Chadwick: Advocacy
  • Sara Andreas: Broadway Actress: How to make life happens between jobs, Musical Theatre Dance

We are also welcoming back beloved clinicians such as

  • Tandy Versyp: NYFA – Sitcom Writing for Actors
  • Mama Yeye keeping us moving with African Dance!
  • Rich Brown: WWU – Introduction to Grotowski’s Plastiques. “An exploration of a psychophysical approach to acting.  Learn to use your voluntary muscular system to unlock internal emotional responses.
  • Jason Tucholke: CWU – Teaching theatre tech/sound. The use of Qlab

Thursday Showcase and Early Registration:  If you are coming up for Thursday evening showcase auditions, the students will gather for an informational meeting at 6:00 pm in SURC –Student Union.  Showcase auditions are from 6:30- 9:00 that evening.  All registered conference attendees are welcome as audience members. You may also complete your conference registration and pick up your school’s conference badges and supplies at 8:00 pm that evening on the 2nd floor of the SURC.

Last but not least!  We use the app, Guidebook for our STATE schedule.


To prepare for the release of the schedule you can get ahead of the game and download the guidebook app now! Past schedules are listed if you wish to peruse. Look for the title Washington State Thespian Festival 2018 to see last year’s schedule at Western University.

For information to download the app, Guidebook on various electronics, go to

All students must be in some function during each session.   You must go to at least one workshop each day.

Matt Leggett  (509) 554-6473

Stuff to Bring:

  1. Rain gear and warm clothes. This is Ellensburg. Weather forecasts cold weather/ chance of rain.
  2. Money for seven meals. Do Not BRING $20 Bills. Bring smaller bills.
  3. Bring YOUR Into The Woods COSTUMES and/or props.
  4. Bring your Caesar COSTUMES & PROPS
  5. Coins for the fundraiser, “COIN WARS”
  6. There will be Friday night activities. Bring costumes for contest and PhotoBooth. There will also be a movie-musical playing and theatre BINGO going on.
  7. Health Forms. If you turned one in for IE Regionals, come to Mr. Leggett for your copy. IF you did not turn in a health form for IE, you must fill out two copies, giving one to Mr. Leggett while keeping the second to put in you name badge when you get to state.

Stuff to Do:

  1. Get sleep. The weekend is draining. Come well-rested.
  2. Pack Thursday night. Don’t wait till Friday morning.
  3. Bring blankets, pillows, homework, and entertainment for the bus ride. Over two hours.
  4. Sign up for TECH OLYMPICS when you get to state.
  5. Look at the lists of classes and workshops prior to going. These are posted on the app Guidebook. Download “Washington State Thespian Festival 2019”
  6. Prepare for performance. Most of you will perform. Do yourself proud.
  7. Vote on HHS reps for ALL STATE musical number.
  8. Do homework from classes you will miss Friday.
  9. Be friendly while you are there. Give Hanford the reputation for being excellent and friendly.
  10. Fully participate in the classes and workshops. Look on the bulletin board or social media sites for clinicians and info. Ask those who have been before.

We will be staying at either the Red Lion Hotel or the Comfort Inn in Ellensburg.

Please be considerate of your roommates and the other patrons of the hotel.  Noise is kept at a minimum.  Keep your stuff tidy.  Go to sleep early, so you don’t wreck the weekend for yourself and others.  No boys in the girls’ rooms and vice versa.  Of course no alcohol or drugs or tobacco or e-cigs use is allowed.