State Thespian Festival


Schedule for the State Thespian Festival, March 22, 23, 24, 2018.

HHS is on the Gold track


11:00 am                     Leave HHS.  You don’t have time to go home to get your stuff
12:30-ish                     Stop for lunch.  Bring money
5:30-ish                       Arrive at WWU in Bellingham.  Eat quick dinner.
6:00 pm                       10% performance meeting PAC Mainstage
6:30 pm                       Watch top 10% finalists perform.
9:30-ish                       Go to hotel and check in.
10:30 pm                     Lights Out


8:15 am           Load busses
8:30 am           Arrive at WWU Performing Arts Center (PAC)
9:00 am           Opening Ceremonies (Odyssey cast go to DUG199)
10:00               The Odyssey in DUG199 in the rear lower level of the PAC


3:20 pm           WIP for Little Shop of Horrors.  Mainstage
4:40 pm           Dinner Break. Meet at the “Mosquito” sculpture
6:20 pm           Evening Festivities
10:30 pm         Return to Hotel.  Go right to Bed


8:40 am           Load Bus
9:00 am           Opening Ceremonies for Gold Track


3:10 pm           Depart WWU (Meet at “Mosquito” sculpture
6:10-ish pm     Eat dinner (North Bend)
10:30-ish pm   Arrive HHS

All students must be in some function during each session.   You must go to at least one workshop each day.

Matt Leggett  (509) 554-6473

Stuff to Bring:

  1. Rain gear and warm clothes. This is BELLINGHAM. Weather forecasts cold weather/ chance of rain.
  2. Money for 8 meals. Do Not BRING $20 Bills. Bring smaller bills.
  4. Bring YOUR LITTLE SHOP clothes for the WIP
  5. Coins for the fundraiser, “COIN WARS”
  6. There will be Friday night activities.
  7. Health Forms. If you turned one in for IE Regionals, you don’t need to fill out a new one. But will need a copy. See Jenna Wilson for a copy of your Health Form.  IF you did not turn in a health form for IE, you must fill out two copies, giving one to Jenna while keeping the second to put in you name badge when you get to state.


Stuff to Do:

  1. Get sleep. The weekend is draining. Come well-rested.
  2. Pack Wednesday night. Don’t wait till Thursday morning.
  3. Bring blankets, pillows, homework, and entertainment for the bus ride. Over 6 hours.
  4. Sign up for TECH OLYMPICS when you get to state.
  5. Look at the lists of classes and workshops prior to going. These are posted on the app Guidebook. Download “Washington State Thespian Festival 2018”
  6. Prepare for performance. Do yourself proud.
  7. Vote on HHS reps for ALL STATE musical number.
  8. Do homework from classes you will miss Thursday/Friday.
  9. Be friendly while you are there. Give Hanford the reputation for being excellent and friendly.
  10. Fully participate in the classes and workshops.

We will be staying at Springhill Suites in Bellingham, WA.  The festival will be at Western WA Univ.

Please be considerate of your roommates and the other patrons of the hotel.  Noise is kept at a minimum.  Keep your stuff tidy.  Go to sleep early, so you don’t wreck the weekend for yourself and others.  No boys in the girls’ rooms and vice versa.  Of course no alcohol or drugs or tobacco use is allowed.