Scholarship Awards

The Hanford High School Drama Boosters announce the award of $38,500 in scholarships to 12 graduating seniors.

The Thespian Scholarship for students pursuing a degree in theater from a four-year institution was awarded to Clive LePage and Emily Carlson.

The Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship for a student in technical theater was awarded to Sara Staven.

The Drama Citizen Scholarship was awarded to students who participated in multiple productions at Hanford High and is awarded based on leadership, scholarship, and financial need. The following students earned the Drama Citizen Scholarship: Spencer Anderson, Camren Bleiler, Emily Carlson, Emily Doughty, Freja Elrod, Samantha Fenton, Paige Foelber, Scott Kovacs, Clive LePage, Natasha Mosley, Sara Staven, and Tyler Zirker.