Pre-nomination info for 5th Avenue Awards

5th Ave ceremony, June 3, 2019

Nomination Announcement Party, May 21, 4:30 pm at the Smith’s house, 147 Patton Street, Richland. Come and share the news, good or disappointing. (Learn more about the 5th Avenue Theatre Awards: Honoring High School Students – HERE)

Although we do not know the nominations yet, we need to plan the possible journey over to the ceremony, June 3. We need to order tickets by this Friday, May 24.

You need to decide quite quickly if you are going or not.

Details:Tickets cost $20 for students and $30 for adults. If money is an issue, and you still want to go, see Mr. Leggett.

If we have a significant group going, we will take a bus. If 10 or fewer students go, we will take cars.

The Drama Boosters and Drama Club are covering the cost of the bus.

Sign / check the box for Drama Travel on Family ID.

Plan to miss all day or part of the day on June 3. And you will get home late, about 2:00 in the morning.

You Must sign up for a ticket and commit, by the end of the day MAY 23!!
The sign up list will be on the bulletin board outside the drama room.