Hanford Drama Scholarships

Each year the Hanford Drama Booster Club awards scholarships to graduating seniors. Applications for Drama Booster scholarships are due March 20. Students can email applications to Mr. Leggett for drop one off at his house.

Download a scholarship application

  1. Thespian Scholarship: awarded to a senior out of Hanford Drama Booster Club’s operating funds based on criteria established by its Executive Board. The current requirement is that the student will major in drama while at college. Criteria for award are financial need and participation in Hanford drama. Recently, $1,000 has been budgeted, awarded either as a single or multiple awards.
  2. Drama Citizen Scholarship: awarded to a senior out of Hanford Drama Booster Club’s Scholarship Funds. The restrictions placed by the donor on these funds are that the scholarship be for a 4 year college and that the student participated in at least half the productions during their time at Hanford. The criteria for award are leadership, scholarship, and financial need. Typically, multiple awards are given ranging from $500 to $5,000.
  3. Student Travel Scholarships: awarded to students out of operations or scholarship funds for trips approved by the Richland School Board. The requirement for award is that the student has been selected by the Drama Director to be on the trip. Criteria for the award are set by the Executive Board and are currently financial need, participation in the Hanford drama program, and value to the participant and the drama program. Typically multiple awards are given ranging from a quarter to the full cost of the trip.
  4. Adult Travel Scholarships: awarded to adults who are chaperoning students on trips approved by the Richland School Board. Funds may come from operation funds or (with the approval of the donor) from Scholarship Funds. Criteria for award are financial need and the need to have the particular adult chaperone on the trip. These awards are not typical, but there have been multiple awards.

Download scholarship application here. Applications for the Thespian and Drama Citizen scholarships are due the last Friday in March.

Download travel scholarship application here. Applications for travel scholarships should be turned in two weeks before date of travel.

Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship for students in technical theatre

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you all well. I’m writing to inform you of a small project I have started, a scholarship for Hanford High School students who have been active in technical theater. I am perhaps not the prototypical graduate of Hanford Theater, but that’s exactly the point: the lessons we learned there helped prepare us for wherever our lives may have taken us. Hanford Theater has an enviable reputation with scores of alumni going on to careers in the performing arts, and for this they, and Hanford, should be lauded. For those of us who found a different career path the lessons learned and friendships made during our time in Hanford Theater are no less relevant. The “life skills” instilled by sports are oft touted, and they are not wrong in that regard, but many of those skills are developed, even better developed, by the performing arts. Maybe they helped us speak in public, work with others, come out of our shell, or run a team, the things learned beneath the proscenium are with us all today. I use them daily. In that spirit, I’d like to ask your help in remembering one of our own.

Ruth Richman was a mother to us all, and an amazing influence on many of our lives. I know that, upon reading this, she’d turn red and tell me not to write it. For that I offer her my sincerest apologies, but I couldn’t think of any way better to express my gratitude (at least since she’d never give me her chocolate chip cookie recipe…which wouldn’t have turned out right anyway because she didn’t make them). In that spirit, I’d like to propose a scholarship in her honor, the Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship. This will be awarded to a graduating senior for excellence in technical theater at Hanford.

Should you wish to contribute to the Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship, donations can be made to Hanford Drama Boosters – just note they are for the “Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship.” Send the donations to:

Matt Leggett
Hanford High School
450 Hanford St
Richland, WA 99354
Just write “Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship” on there somewhere so it gets into the proper account. Hope all is well with all of you, and again, please pass this on to anyone else who may be interested. The HHS Drama Boosters is a registered nonprofit, and can provide receipts for tax purposes as well.

Ryan Winters, MD
Class of 1999
Qualifications for the Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship
Objective: To establish an annual scholarship to recognize outstanding service in technical theater/non-performance roles to Hanford Drama by a graduating senior.

  1. Eligibility: Graduating senior from Hanford High School who has participated in technical theater in Hanford Drama. Must be attending, after graduation, an accredited, nonprofit, post-secondary educational program (including, but not limited to, a four-year college/university, community college, technical/vocational training program). Online-only institutions will not qualify for this award.
  2. Recognizing the lessons learned from involvement in technical theater are applicable to any number of future professions, no specific major or career plan is required.
  3. There is deliberately no GPA requirement for this award, as its sole intent is to reward technical theater service to Hanford Drama. Successful graduation from Hanford High School and acceptance into the post-high school educational program of the recipient’s choice, subject to stipulations above, is sufficient to fulfill the academic merit requirement for this scholarship.
  4. No additional community service is required for this award, as outstanding service in technical theater to Hanford Drama is deemed sufficient to fulfill any service requirement for this award.

Amount: One $500 award will be given annually, via a guaranteed donation. Should additional funds become available through additional donations, the possibility of additional awards may be entertained, subject to the discretion of the Award Committee. Additional awards will not exceed $1000 to any single recipient. The guaranteed annual $500 award may also be split, in extraordinary circumstances, solely at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Funding Source: Funding for the Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship will be drawn from an account to be administered by the Hanford Drama Boosters. Said account will be separate from any other account administered by Hanford Drama Boosters for any other scholarship fund or any other purpose. Donations to Hanford Drama Boosters intended by the donors for use by the Ruth Richman Memorial Scholarship shall be deposited into this account only, and distributed only in accordance with the criteria specified in this document.

Disbursement: Will be in accordance with Hanford Drama Boosters established guidelines.

Decision-making Body: Award(s) will be made at the discretion of the Hanford Drama Booster Scholarship Committee with the following stipulation:

  1. Should no suitable candidate, as determined by the Committee be found, the Committee reserves the right to not award a scholarship in any given year.

Selection Criteria: Based on a points system, outlined below. While the primary intent is to encourage and reward involvement in technical theater, participation in theater activities in general, and character/teamwork is taken into account. The Scholarship Committee will abide solely by these criteria when distributing this award.

Points below are awarded for each production
Technical theater roles
Stage manager – 5
Student director – 5
Backstage manager – 3
Lighting design/operator – 3
Sound design/operator – 3
Prop manager – 3
House manager – 3
Lead costumer – 3
Grip/Public relations worker/costumer/hair or makeup design worker – 1
Acting roles, Onstage role – 0.5
Points below will be awarded by the Committee based on applicants’ involvement during their entire time in HHS Drama Technical theater involvement
Set construction/Set strike – 0-10
Leadership: In addition to the defined leadership roles such as stage manager, director, etc., did the applicant demonstrate leadership among his/her fellow students by organizing/taking charge at set construction/strike? Fund-raising or advertising? Was there a particular problem or challenge (a prop, set piece, fight choreography, blocking dilemma, etc) that the applicant found a solution to? – 0-5
Cooperation/teamwork: Was the applicant reliable, thorough in tasks assigned? Did they work well as a part of the team to not only enhance the quality of the production, but ensure enjoyment by all? – 0-5

Download a scholarship application

Art Fuller Scholarships


The Art Fuller Scholarship is awarded annually by the Richland Players to a student or students with strong academic interest in theater arts. This year, thanks to generous donations, two scholarships can be awarded in the amount of $1,000.00 each. The money will be paid in the students’ names, directly to their college or university, for use in the 2020/2021 school year.

This scholarship is open to all persons who meet the following requirements:

  • High school senior or a college student at the time of this application
  • Resident of Benton or Franklin County
  • Plan a concentration on theater classes or other fields of performance arts in college.

Preference will be given to students who intend to major in Theater Performance or in technical fields of study, such as Set Design, Costuming, Lights/Sound, Directing/Producing, Theater Management, etc. These make up our preferred student pool.

Students who intend to minor in theater arts, are also eligible.  Students who will be pursuing degrees in other areas of the Performing Arts will also be considered.  These fields could include, but not be limited to Ballet/Dance, Opera/Vocal performance, Cinematography, and the field of television.

Students who have completed two years of college and are continuing on, are also eligible, with a completed application and the inclusion of college transcripts.

DUE DATE:  April 10, 2020

Download the scholarship application here: 2020 Art Fuller Scholarship or visit for information and the application.