Auditions for The Addams Family: Quarantined will take place virtually.

Here are the steps to follow to complete your audition!

  1. Choose an audition song. For this show, we would like you to learn a short excerpt from one song from the show. We have provided sheet music and backing tracks for six of the main characters, plus one excerpt for those wanting to audition for the chorus. Choose one excerpt, and use the sheet music and backing track to prepare a video of yourself performing it.
    1. Please memorize the song excerpt.
    2. We should be able to hear the backing track in your video, but above all, we must be able to hear your singing clearly.
    3. No need to wear a costume of any kind – but wear what you would normally wear to an audition – something professional and/or simple.
    4. We definitely want to see your ability to play a strong character in this video. The Addams Family is full of “creepy, kooky” folks, so as you perform your excerpt, let us see that!
  2. Learn the audition dance. You will make a second video of yourself, performing a short dance audition. Kelsey Pontarolo, our choreographer, has recorded an instructional video for you to follow.
    1. Make sure we can see your whole body when you record yourself. Please face the camera when you record.
    2. Again, no need to wear a costume, but wear something that allows us to see how you move.
    3. Show us how you can convey a character while you move!
  3. Fill out the audition form. This should be your last step, because you will attach your two videos (song and dance) to the form when you submit it.



Gomez Sheet Music Gomez Backing Track
Morticia Sheet Music Morticia Backing Track
Wednesday Sheet Music Wednesday Backing Track
Lucas Sheet Music Lucas Backing Track
Alice Sheet Music Alice Backing Track
Lurch Sheet Music Lurch Backing Track
Chorus Sheet Music Chorus Backing Track



We will need help with scenery (for virtual backgrounds), props, costumes, hair, and makeup for this production. If you’re interested in applying for a technical role with this production, please fill out the technical form by January 20. It may be up to 2-3 weeks before a tech list is finalized, due to the longer virtual audition process for actors. We are looking forward to working with you!


Mr. Jones (Director):

Mrs. Brown (Vocal Director):

Kelsey Pontarolo (Choreographer):