Drama Club

All students are invited to join the HHS Drama Club. Meetings are after school the first Tuesday of the month in Mr. Leggett’s classroom. To be a member of the Drama Club students must be an ASB member and pay a $10 Drama Club fee to the RSD Bookkeepers.

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Contact this year’s Drama Club officers for more information:

Co-Presidents:  Megan Hatley and Matthew Smith
Co-Vice Presidents:  Kim Bevan-Church and Maddison Sallee
Treasurer:  Ian King
Secretary:  Nikki Buchel
Publicity:  Jantz Levin
Liaison:  Carmel Stephan


Rehearsal schedules are posted on the drama bulletin board. Please notify Mr. Leggett if for some reason you are not able to make it to your rehearsal, email: matt.leggett@rsd.edu    


Hanford Drama Scholarships Each year the Hanford Drama Booster Club awards scholarships to graduating seniors. Applications for Drama Booster scholarships are due March 20. Students can email applications to Mr. Leggett for drop one off at his house. Download a scholarship application Thespian Scholarship: awarded to a senior out of …

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