Drama Club

All students are invited to join the HHS Drama Club. Meetings are after school the first Tuesday of the month in Mr. Leggett’s classroom. To be a member of the Drama Club students must be an ASB member and pay a $10 Drama Club fee to the RSD Bookkeepers.

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Contact this year’s Drama Club officers for more information:

Co-Presidents:  Megan Hatley and Matthew Smith
Co-Vice Presidents:  Kim Bevan-Church and Maddison Sallee
Treasurer:  Ian King
Secretary:  Nikki Buchel
Publicity:  Jantz Levin
Liaison:  Carmel Stephan


Rehearsal schedules are posted on the drama bulletin board. Please notify Mr. Leggett if for some reason you are not able to make it to your rehearsal, email: matt.leggett@rsd.edu    


Hanford Drama Scholarships Each year the Hanford Drama Booster Club awards scholarships to graduating seniors. Applications for scholarships are due the last Friday in March. Thespian Scholarship: awarded to a senior out of Hanford Drama Booster Club’s operating funds based on criteria established by its Executive Board. The current requirement …

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