Promo Performance:  Thursday, April 27 at the Hapo Stage

Call 6:15 pm.   Meet at Stage Right.

Curtain 7:00 pm

Duration:      15-20 minutes.

Order of Show:

  1. Act 1, sc. 1 p. 1-1-3, Nellie: “Emile, is it true that all the planters are running away from something” through end of “Some Enchanted Evening” but not the rest of the scene.
  1. Act 1, sc. 3, p. 1-3-17, Billis: “I’ll get a boat all right. . . .” through the end of “Bali Ha’I” This includes “Dames’.
  1. Act 1, sc. 7, p. 1-7-42, Nurse/Dinah: “What’d he want?” though the end of ‘I’m gonna Wash that Man Right Outa My Hair”.

We ARE wearing costumes.  Be sure to bring ALL the pieces that you need.  AND then bring ALL of the costume back to school the next day.

IMPORTANT!   This is a chance to draw an audience or lose an audience.   We need to be sharp and full of energy and confidence.  AND ALL off stage contact with audience must be friendly and mature.  Do not disrupt the acts before or after ours.

ALSO there will be NO microphones.  YOU MUST PROJECT!!!!


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